• Handcuffs
  • Being arrested for or charged with a crime is a frightening experience whether or not the charges are true or false.
  • It is important to remember if this happens, you are involved in a legal process you may not understand and not trained to deal with. You may say or do things which are harmful to you and which may make you appear guilty even though you are not. You may even appear guilty even though you are not. You may even appear guilty of something much more serious
  • Should you be accused of a crime, you should do ONLY the following:

  • Phone Call
  • 1. Contact your own attorney immediately, if you have one.
    2. If you cannot afford a lawyer, immediately ask for the Public Defender BEFORE you discuss anything about the matter you are being charged with.
    3. Do NOT talk about anything with anyone other than your lawyer.
    4. Remember that when you are accused of a crime, you should cooperate physically with the police but you should speak ONLY to an attorney.