Depending upon the type of search you have submitted, the results may come back quickly or it may take a moment or two before the Search Results page displays in your browser window.

When the Results Page is displayed in the browser window, the following information is listed.

The Search Criteria is listed at the top of the page. Below the Search Criteria, is the number of Records Found based on the information you entered in the Search Page.

The Town or Village Name is listed below the Records Found. This is based on the Town or Village that was selected in the Search Page.

The results are then listed by the Property Owner’s Name. If you performed a search based on the Property Owner’s Name, the address shown in the Results Page is the mailing address of
the property owner.

If you performed a search based on the Property Location, the address shown in the Results Page is the property location. Subsequently, the results are listed according to the property location. Property locations with no location number are listed first followed by properties in numeric order.

The last column is the Property Tax Id for the property. It may be the old or new Property Tax Id depending upon whether or not a new Property Tax Id has been assigned yet.


Records or Matches per Page


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