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  • Why are my taxes so high?
  • Your taxes are calculated using your taxable assessment x the tax rate plus any special assessments.
  • What are special assessments?
  • Rural Fire, Rural Light, Rural Water/Sewer
  • When are my taxes due?
  • Current taxes:Town and County Taxes(Land) – January 1st
    Village Taxes – June 1stSchool Taxes – September 1st
    Delinquent Taxes: Interest is added each month
  • My taxes are escrowed. Are they being paid on time?
  • Check the web site for the date paid or check with your tax collector to see if any re-levies are shown.
  • When will I lose my property for nonpayment of taxes?
  • If your taxes remain unpaid for two years the County of Wayne can foreclose.
  • How do you sell the unpaid tax properties?
  • A public auction is held each year in the Spring (for more information contact the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office).
  • How do I change my address?
  • Contact your assessor (see Address Book for name and number).
  • I just purchased some property in Wayne County when will I receive my tax bill?
  • If you purchased the property after March 1st, you will not receive a tax bill until the next billing cycle. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to pay taxes in a timely manner. If you have not received a tax bill contact your Tax Collector as soon as possible (see Address Book for Name and Number).
  • Does Wayne County have a tax payment program?
  • a. Yes, for current taxes you may pay in two payments. The first is due on or before the penalty free period ends and the second payment is due in February or March with penalties and interest added.b. Yes, for delinquent taxes after June 1st of each year and if you are eligible candidate, you may set up a payment program for up to 24 months with a down payment of at least 10% (for additional information contact the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office).

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