Income Eligible Childcare Subsidies

Childcare subsidies help parents/guardians who are striving to be self-sufficient by giving them choices in childcare arrangements and by helping them pay for quality childcare. Examples of individuals who might be eligible for Childcare subsidy/ assistance include:

  • Assist them in transitioning from temporary assistance to employment.
  • Support children while their parent/guardian participates in drug, alcohol or mental health services.
  • Assist low-income, working families maintain employment by paying a portion of childcare costs.
  • Assist custodians/guardians of youth.


  1. If you are currently a recipient of temporary assistance from Wayne County DSS, please call your examiner to discuss whether you are eligible for childcare assistance.
  2. If you are not currently a recipient of temporary assistance but believe that you might want/need to apply, please visit our TA-specific site.
  3. If you are not eligible to receive temporary assistance but still need childcare assistance, please review this letter for instructions regarding what additional information/documentation you must gather. Then click on the “Child Care Application” link below or call the Department of Social services at 315-946-4881 to request a Child Care Application packet.

6025-Child Care Application
6026-Child Care Application Instructions
Wayne County Application Cover Sheet

Please note:  an eligible childcare provider must be used.  For clarification and more details regarding day care assistance, please review this information sheet:  What You Should Know

Complete the Application and the Wayne County Cover Sheet.  Then send it and the required documents to:

Department of Social Services – Childcare Unit
77 Water St.
P.O. Box 10
Lyons, NY  14489