2/26/2020 agenda

T. Ontario

Louis Lotta, Sr.
– Construct 576 sq. ft. pole barn, 0.64 acres

Lakeside Estates, Lot 6
– Single family residence, 3.97 acres

Harbec building addition
– 30,000 sq. ft. bldg addition for manufacturing and 3,240 sq. ft greenhouse for reuse of process energy, 6.65 acres

Schreiber Property Solar
– Install 2 mw AC, 2.5 mw DC solar facility, 49.06 acres

T. Rose

Dollar General
– 9,100 sq. ft. Dollar General Retail Store with parking and site amenities, 5.0 acres

T. Sodus

D and H Real Property, LLC
– Build and operate fenced, secure, HVAC and non-HVAC self storage, 3.38 acres

T. Williamson

Dawn Smith
– 24’x48′ post frame accessory structure forward of setback of principal structure and closer to road, 3.4 acres

T. Wolcott

Michael Brookmire
– Demolish existing cottage, construct new 27’4″x48′ cottage, 0.24 acres

Paul Thompson
– Demolish existing cottage, construct new 764 sq. ft. cottage, 0.48 acres

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