12/9/2020 agenda

T. Galen

Zoning Amendment
– Amend section 723.1 to add definitions, add subsection 723.5 regarding temporary use and storage of recreational vehicles and recreational park trailers

V. Newark

Wayne Industrial Sustainability Development Corp.
– Erect two 154 sq. ft. freestanding signs and two 12 sq. ft. wayfinding signs, 34.87 acres

T. Ontario

Dunkin / Ribeiro Subdivision
– 2 lot subdivision to separate storage bldgs from Dunkin plaza, Lot 1 – 1.878 acres, Lot 2 – 3.136 acres, Total – 5.01 acres

T. Palmyra

Local Law 2 of 2020 regarding solar
– Review Town local law regarding solar

T. Rose

Shady Brook Holdings, LLC
– Vendor (20-40) shows and assembly use of building up to 130 people; periodically, 40.02 acres

V. Sodus Point

Karasinski Subdivision
– Subdivide residential from business (hooked together across Route 14), 0.17 acres

Terp Subdivision
– Subdivide 940 sq. ft from neighboring lot to be used as ingress/egress to parcel, 0.021 acres

T. Williamson

Anthony Mazzullo
– Construct post-frame bldg closer to road than primary structure, 3.29 acres

T. Wolcott

Barbara Seils
– Expand cottage, 2 story addition and garage, 0.41 acres

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