4/24/19 agenda

V. Clyde

Zoning Amendment
– Update Home Occupation regulations

T. Huron

Mike Monile
– short term rental, 2 weeks or less, 0.25 acres

V. Newark

Anthony Carbone, T&C Gunsmithing
– Convert 2nd story into apartment, convert portion of bldg not used into dwelling, conversion or portion of bldg into residential results in 43.4% bldgs on East Miller being 2 family or multi-family, exceeding 10% permitted, Also convert portion of non-residential bldg into dwelling unit, 0.03 acres

T. Ontario

Proposed Local Law 1 of 2019
– Chapter 150, delete references to “Accessory Dwellings” which are not allowed in the town.

Verschage Ventures, LLC
– multifamily dwelling, 0.25 acres

Kenneth Capo
– Retail store, 11.21 acres

Kawych Lassie Subdivision, Sec. 2
– Subdivide 1.364 acres with existing house, 128.9 acres

T. Palmyra

Carleton Croft
– Attached garage, 40′ front setback where 50′ required, 4.67 acres

Local Law 2 of 2019
– Moratorium on solar energy conversion technology for principle use

T. Sodus

Charles Hunter, Jr.
– 2 lot subdivision, one with 75′ frontage, one with 107′ frontage where 150′ required, 3.30 acres

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