Legal Resources Committee, Wayne County Master Plan

NEXT MEETING: June 17, 7 PM, Newark Cooperative Extension

The meeting was held from 7 to 8:00 pm at the Wayne County Cooperative Extension Building in Newark. The following people attended the meeting, which was facilitated by Cynthia Hill, Master Plan Consultant: Pat Sharpless, Arcadia, and Peg Churchill, Walworth. Switzer, Hutteman, and Stevens all called to report a continuing interest in the work of the committee and interest in attending future meetings.

Announcements Trail Works is celebrating National Trails Day on June 7th with a walk starting at Forman Park, west pavilion #1 at 10 am. For other activities in the area consult

The Common Good Planning Center has a web page where you can subscribe to an electronic newsletter ( The State Quality Communities Interagency Task Force has a summary of recommendations and also helpful information for planning at

A Planning Law Primer is available at

The consultant plans to conduct a scientific survey and a visual preference survey as part of the public participation for the master plan. Work of the committees will form the basis for the scientific


Hill distributed a legal update from the recent planning conference in Mount Morris. She also provided the County’s Right-to-Farm ordinance, site plan ordinances supplied by R. Stevens at the last meeting, an order sheet for information from the State’s Division of Local Government, and “100 Policies for Implementation” from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 100 Ways Toward Smart Growth. The consultant requested that committee members look over the last publication and let her know if you agree, disagree, strongly agree, or strongly disagree with the recommendations (mail it to the County Planning Department, if possible).


P. Sharpless volunteered to get information on historic preservation ordinances, moratoria ordinances, and municipal regulation of mobile homes. She will consult with B. Stevens regarding land use moratoria.

Next meeting Sharpless will discuss why the Medford Plan in NJ was so legally defensible, and lessons we might learn for Wayne County.

The consultant asks the committee to consider their endorsement of hiring a County Watershed Inspector. Would participation by towns be voluntary and would they be asked to contribute funds for the position, and what authority would the person have? The Natural Resources Committee requests more discussion and refinement of the idea before they adopt it.

Discussion included the need to improve schools in Lyons and Newark, the center of County and two important engines for economic revitalization. Good schools attract and keep a good labor force. Sharpless suggested that citizens must make a commitment toward increased monetary support of schools before they will improve. The committee also briefly discussed legal issues involved in the construction of trails through private land.

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