Economic Resources Committee, Wayne County Master Plan

NEXT MEETING: April 24th, 2003, 7 PM, Newark Cooperative Extension

The meeting was held from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Wayne County Cornell Cooperative Extension Building in Newark. The following people attended the meeting, which was facilitated by Cynthia Hill, Master Plan Consultant; Dom Bartucca, Newark; Beth Claypoole, Cornell Cooperative Extension; Sharon Lilla, Planning Director; Barbara Meeks, Newark; Jim Switzer, Ontario; and Christine Worth, Tourism Director.

Antje Dirksen volunteered to facilitate meetings starting in April.

The County Web site ( has a link to the Master Plan. Click on departments and then Planning Department or go directly to dept/wnewplanningdept.html. When Hill posts the names of committee members on the web, she will use just initials and last names, without email or street addresses. Minutes and press releases will be posted on the web. The goal is to make the web site interactive so that interested citizens can log their opinions about various aspects of the master plan.

Hill presented a computerized infrared aerial map that the committee can use during meetings.

Hill reported that Terry Spencer wants us to consider participating in a Rochester/Syracuse conference about regional economic cooperation. Terry wants Wayne County to position itself as the “metropolitan entity that it is destined to become.” Hill distributed information on other conferences in the region, specifically endorsing a planning conference in May (contact Cynthia if interested).

Hill requested that committee members obtain ordinances from their towns that might be good models for other towns or villages in the County.

Hill distributed a sheet summarizing what the committee is doing: it will develop four maps for each area of interest (such as sewers). The maps will detail existing conditions, opportunities, constraints, and a proposed plan based on opportunities and constraints.

Antje Dirksen submitted a map of the County’s medical facilities and Christine Worth provided a map of County, Town, and Village parks.

To obtain information on telecommunications, Hill should call Emergency Management (Thelma Wideman) and the Fire Coordinator (Rick Bond).

Christine Worth provided an overview of Tourism in Wayne County. The County’s Office of Tourism became an independent department in 1998. Worth updated the County’s promotional brochure and other literature. Worth hopes to help County residents better understand the economic and recreational potential of the County’s natural resources.

Worth distributed the six major goals developed by the 1998 Tourism Team, which also included Vision and Mission statements. She offered to burn cd’s containing the Randall Travel study, a marketing study for County Tourism.

Goals discussed include:

Enhance the appearance of villages and hamlets.

Improve signage to make it clear and consistent and orient visitors.

Improve public transportation for visitors.

Increase lodging: the County should hire a consultant to produce a marketing study that would document the demand for a new hotel/conference center in the County.

Hotels must reach 70% occupancy to be profitable.

(The committee approved this goal for presentation to the Supervisors.)

The committee agreed that the County needs alternatives to Bed and Breakfasts

and cottages, which fill some but not all visitors’ needs.

Strategically place the County’s promotional material in gas stations, future rail stations, and future County Tourism booths along highways such as Routes 104, 88, and 14, and 31. The County should establish information centers in all towns. Consider promotion of a lakefront spa.

Promote Palmyra as a place to stay along the canal because it has a sheltered, quiet turning basin. Continue to promote sport events, farmers markets, and the corn maize in Macedon.

Continue to improve trails, potentially a Sodus Ditch trail and a trail from Sodus Bay to the Erie Canal, and link to the Woman’s Rights Trail running from Rochester to

Seneca County. The proposed Montezuma Trail is on hold because of the

conflict between the use of lands for hunting and hiking. Improve the County’s web page.

Promote County agriculture with cheese or fruit-tasting trails.

Promote the significance of under-utilized rail lines in Wayne County. Claypoole commented that we need a central newspaper and Chamber of Commerce. Bartucca commented that we need to distinguish Wayne County, NY from other Wayne County’s in the Country, so that our County is correctly represented on computer search engines.

Hill will forward a list of goals based on Worth’s presentation and also Wayne Economic Development Corporation’s presentation last month. Committee members will consider adoption of these goals next month.

BJ Meeks presented several additional goals, which the Committee will address next meeting.

Hill thanked BJ Meeks for her research on County Tourism.

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