Time: 7:00 pm

Subject: Committee Meeting No. 2
Held at the Wayne County Courthouse
Lyons, New York
In Attendance: Cynthia Hill, FRESH Perspectives Land Use
Planning, Master Plan Consultant
Peg Churchill, Senior Planner, Wayne County Planning Department
Bob Stevens, Town of Junius Planning Board member, (Seneca County)
Pat Sharpless
Bob Hutteman, Committee member

C. Hill began the meeting by asking those present to approve the March19th meeting minutes. Those present approved the minutes with no modifications.

B. Stevens gave a brief discussion on the current municipal water issues in the Town of Junius. The Town would like to have a waterline along Route 14 from Geneva to Lyons, which would allow the Town to remove Junius Ponds as the water supply.

A brief discussion followed and all agreed that with water and sewer services in place, this would lead to future development. Land is more difficult to zone [for natural resource preservation
and for sustainable development] when water and sewer services are provided.

Individual septic systems were discussed as an alternate to a sewer system. The Town of Huron currently has a new local law requiring an inspection of individual septic systems once every five years. [The consultant stressed that septic systems only remove carbon and not nitrogen and phosphorus, both of which pollute water bodies.]

The group discussed similar environmental issues such as the use of salt on roadways and the land application of sewer sludge on agricultural fields.

The consultant will research legal cases regarding how the construction of water and sewer lines affects a town’s ability to control land use. The consultant, in cooperation with committee members, will research model ordinances regarding stormwater management, standards for septics, and steep slopes. The consultant will also investigate how one might limit the maximum density of development to ensure proper disposal of the resulting nutrients. The ability of land to adsorb pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus is determined by its soils, geology, and hydrology.]

The five model ordinances were discussed. The group liked the following ordinances;

Shared Highway Services: Is a good reference ordinance [but not one to include in the master plan]. Civil Penalties: Excellent ordinance, allows municipalities to enforce local laws
Planned Unit Development: good ordinance Entertainment Businesses: Good reference ordinance. B. Stevens stated that the Town of Junius requires a $2,500 filing fee and an annual
renewal fee of $1,000 for adult entertainment businesses.

[The group approved the inclusion of the later three ordinances in the master plan.] The group discussed the voluntary mediation ordinance and all present felt that the ordinance was not very good since the mediation was not binding between the municipality and the developer.

[The group approved the idea of hiring a County Watershed Inspector to help towns enforce State, County, and local environmental and land-use laws.]

B. Stevens said that he would provide a Land Use Moratorium ordinance for the group to review at the next meeting.

C. Hill shared a reference book regarding planning titled, Getting to Smart Growth, 100 Policies for Implementation.

C. Hill also gave a brief overview of a CD developed by Penn State called Pennscape. The CD has a great deal of information regarding planning and may be useful for the committee.

[Future topics of the committee will include site plan review, land use moratoria, right to farm, and discussion of legal ways to protect children from breathing in pesticides.]

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

This document represents the authors understanding of the proceedings.

Respectfully submitted

Robert W. Hutteman

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