• The Prevent Team consists of a special group of nurses that focus on the preventative aspects of Public Health. Their belief that “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” reflect in all the services they provide.

    Fax: (315)-946-7114

    Lead Poisoning Prevention Services
    Adult & Child Immunization Clinics
    Maternal and Child Health Services
    STD Clinics and Services
    Confidential HIV Testing
    Migrant Health Care Services
    Zoonoses Surveillance
    TB Clinics
    TB Intervention Services
    Rabies Prevention and Surveillance
    Communicable Disease Intervention

  • Nurse

  • Close Couple
  • Do you know someone
    health insurance?

    The Cancer Services
    Program is here
    to help.

    …tell a friend to get screened!

  • Free Breast, Cervical and
    Celorectal Cancer Screenings
    For Women (40 & older) & Men (50 & older)

    Cancer Services Program

    CALL TODAY! 315-462-0602 – 866-442-2262

    Funded by New York State Department of Health

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