• Mark D. Ameele, Director
  • 7376 Rt. 31, Suite 1100.
  • Lyons, NY 14489
  • 315-946-7448
  • 315-946-7427 (Fax)

  • Employment Liaison: Elizabeth Card-Celso (315)946-7448
  • Employers, if you are in need of someone for your workplace, please reach out to our Employment Liaison, Elizabeth Card-Celso to obtain additional information on how we can assist you with a new hire or help any employee that is on Probation with our Department to access training to improve their value as an employee, in an attempt in maintaining their employment with you.


Until further notice, the Wayne County Probation Department will not be holding reports at local municipalities.

Anyone who is under community supervision should contact the Wayne County Department of Probation for further information about reporting instructions.

Regular reporting schedules are expected to resume when the State of Emergency is lifted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the
Wayne County Department of Probation at (315) 946-7448.

Wayne County Probation Director, Mark Ameele, has instituted a waiver on supervision fees for people under Community Supervision during the months of April, May & June 2020. This waiver does not apply to restitution, surcharges or other required fees. See announcement. Stay Safe!!

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