Highway work permits are required for any work that is to be done within or immediately adjacent to the County Road Right-of-Way. It will be the responsibility of the person(s) obtaining the permit to perform all work on the County Right-of-Way at their expense except new, private driveways which will be installed by County forces.

Some examples of activities requiring a highway work permit are: installing a private or residential sub-division driveway access along a County Road, installation of any overhead or underground utility cables, pipes or structures along or under a County Road and installing any advertising sign, display or device within the County Road Right-of-Way.

Once the application is completed and returned with applicable fee and a site plan to the Wayne County Highway Department, a representative will contact the permitee to discuss the proposed work.

The registered owner of any vehicle traveling on roads owned or maintained by Wayne County which exceed certain length, width or weight limits must apply for a special hauling permit from the Wayne County Highway Department before the vehicle can travel over said roads.  A permit will be issued once a completed application and appropriate fee has been received.


A TE-9a form must be filled out by a Municipality and forwarded to the County Highway Superintendent to request speed reduction on any roadway. This completed form is forwarded to the NYSDOT with a request to perform a speed study.

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