Victims Assistance

Coordinator: Debbie Coons
26 Church Street
Lyons, New York 14489
Phone: 315-946-5913
Fax: 315-946-5491

The District Attorney’s Office considers assisting victims and witnesses a top priority. For more than two decades, with the support of a grant from the New York State Office of Victim Services, the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office has provided services to victims and witnesses of crime through the Victim/Witness Services Office. It is the goal of this office to help people recover from the effects of being a victim or a witness to a crime.

Crime victims suffer a multitude of losses, including but not limited to physical injury, emotional trauma and financial burdens. A primary function of the Victim/Witness Services Office is to assist victims in recovering from those losses.

The office of victim/witness services can provide;

  • immediate general and emotional support services to victims and family members of crime victims
  • assistance to victims in filing an application with the NYS Office of Victim Services
  • help in initiating the return of confiscated property
  • appropriate advocacy, information and referrals
  • assistance with victim impact statements (including restitution requests) and parole hearing statements
  • advocacy with victims’ employers and creditors if requested
    • When someone becomes a victim of or a witness to a felony crime they become an important part of the prosecution team. The Victim/Witness Services Office will help victims/witnesses to understand the prosecution by;
  • notifying victims of Grand Jury proceedings
  • providing indictment information
  • offering court accompaniment
  • explaining the court proceedings from arrest through post-conviction
  • providing information and reminders regarding court dates and other appointments
  • providing updates on status of cases to victims
  • notifying victims of certain felonies of their right to speak at sentencing
  • offering assistance in preparing sentencing statements
  • notifying victims of post-sentencing follow-up with the Department of Correctional Services and Parole
  • Providing information on the VINE system (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)
  • Most importantly, we provide a caring and knowledgeable presence during a most traumatic time for victims.