County Clerk

Michael Jankowski, Wayne County Clerk


Effective Monday June 15, 2020 The Office of the County Clerk will be re-opening with the following restrictions:

Recording Office:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available to the public at the front counter of the office.
  • Searchers will be allowed in the search area by appointment with the following restrictions: 4 searchers at a time, maximum four hours, and one searcher per company per day. Searchers will be required to wear masks while in the office.
  • Pistol amendments permits, new pistol permit applications and court filings will be accepted at the front counter
  • No one will be allowed to fill out forms or paper work in the office.
  • We will begin to process passports at a later date
  • The Public Bathroom will be closed..
  • Everyone entering the building will need to be logged in.


  • Staff will return to work on May 18
  • There will be no public access at this time.

For questions call or email:

Phone (315) 946-7490

Wayne County Clerk:
Phone: (315) 946-7470

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work through this public health emergency.

Mike Jankowski, Wayne County Clerk

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