• William Gibson Justice
  • William Sisson

    1823-1840 County

  • James C. Smith Justice
  • James C. Smith

    1843-1847 County

  • William H. Adams Justice
  • William H. Adams

    1846 County
    – of Common Pleas of Wayne County, N.Y. Member of New York state assembly from Wayne County, 1825. Burial location unknown.

  • George H. Middleton Justice
  • George H. Middleton

    1848-1851 County

  • Leander S. Ketchum Justice
  • Leander S. Ketchum

    1852-1858 County

  • Theron R. Strong Justice
  • Theron R. Strong

    1852-1859 Supreme
    – also known as Theron R. Strong — of Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y.; Rochester, Monroe County, N.Y.; New York, New York County, N.Y. Born in Salisbury, Litchfield County, Conn., November 7, 1802. Democrat. Lawyer; Wayne County District Attorney, 1835-39; U.S. Representative from New York 25th District, 1839-41; member of New York state assembly from Wayne County, 1842; Justice of New York Supreme Court, 1851-59; judge of New York Court of Appeals, 1859; law partner of Elliott F. Shepard, 1868-73. Died in New York, New York County, N.Y., May 14, 1873 (age 70 years, 188 days). Interment at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N.Y.

  • Lyman Sherwood Justice
  • Lyman Sherwood

    1860-1863 County

  • George W. Cowles Justice
  • George W. Cowles

    1864-1869, 1874-1879, 1886-1891 County

  • Stephen K. Williams Justice
  • Stephen K. Williams

    1864 State Senator
    – of Newark, Wayne County, N.Y. Member of New York state senate 25th District, 1864-69. Burial location unknown.

  • Charles McLouth Justice
  • Charles McLouth

    1869 County
    – of Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y. Democrat. Candidate for Presidential Elector for New York, 1908. Burial location unknown.

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