Wayne County Compliance Plan Link

New York State General Municipal Law, Sections 800-809

Our goal is to foster a culture within Wayne County that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of instances not conforming to federal or state law, standards of ethical conduct or with our own policies and procedures.

Wayne County through its Board of Supervisors, Compliance Committee, and Compliance Officer seek to ensure that all of Wayne County’s Health Care Programs, Health Care Providers, Health Care Contractors, County
vendors, County employees and volunteers will ensure that health care claims submitted to Federal and State Health Care reimbursement programs are true and accurate.

Any elected officials, employees, vendors, volunteers, or anyone with information that gives them reason to believe Wayne County is not fulfilling its obligation to provide truthful reports, proper care, or ethical behavior is encouraged to report their concerns to the Wayne County Compliance Officer or one of the members of the Compliance Committee. Employees of Wayne County are reminded that all County employees have an obligation to submit their concerns to their supervision or the Compliance Office.

Contacts with the Compliance Office are confidential and the individual’s identity will be shared only when required (by law) or with the permission of the person contacting the office. All reports, anonymous or formal, will be investigated and follow up provided to explain or correct the concern.

Contact Information for Compliance Concerns

Compliance Hotline: (315) 946-7431

Ed Hunt, Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee Chair

Email: compliance@co.wayne.ny.us

Phone: 315-946-5478

Members of the Compliance Committee and Associates starting with the Co-Chairperson are:

  • Rick House
  • Wayne County Administrator
  • 946-5480
  • Jim Haitz
  • Wayne County Mental Health
  • 946-5722
  • Kevin Rooney
  • Wayne County Public Works
  • 946-5600
  • Amy Haskins
  • Wayne County Aging and Youth
  • 946-5624
  • Dr. Ellen Wayne
  • Wayne County Department of Social Services
  • 946-7600
  • Diane Devlin
  • Wayne County Public Health
  • 946-5749
  • Chris Kalinski
  • Wayne County Human Resources
  • 946-7484
  • Jody Bender
  • Board of Sup Representative
  • 926-4271
  • Denis Vinnik
  • Wayne County Nursing Home
  • 946-5673
  • Lynn Chatfield
  • Board of Sup Representative
  • 594-9431
  • Matt Ury
  • Wayne County Information Technology
  • 946-7450
  • Keith Benjamin
  • Wayne County Coroner’s Office
  • 946-5779
  • Vacant
  • Wayne County Veteran Services Agency

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