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Sodus Point Park Lifeguards Save Three People

On July 7, 2015 at approximately 6:45pm three individuals experienced problems returning to shore from the bayside sandbar due to a storm front that came through several hours earlier than predicted.  Head Guard Raben Osborne was the first guard to reach the victims that were about 50 yards beyond the roped off swimming area.  He was able to keep two adolescent girls and a 52-year old man afloat until Head Guard Sarah Gulino arrived to assist.  Raben and Sarah safely got the victims to shore.

One of the girls had stopped breathing so Director Jake Kehoe administered rescue breathing with assistance from Assistant Director Ben Furber.  While all of this was going on Lifeguard Conner Pendleton was bringing equipment to the scene and Head Guard Amber Lamar contacted 911.

All the victims survived.  One young lady was taken to the hospital but was released shortly after arrival.  The lifeguards did a great job and handled the emergency in textbook fashion.

The Department of Aging and Youth oversees the lifeguard team at Sodus Point.  The Department would like to congratulate the guards for handling the situation with the utmost professionalism.  Take a bow for a job well done heroes!

Runaway Youth: Who Can Help?

The Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth is now providing services to runaway youth. A runaway youth is defined as a youth between the ages of twelve and seventeen who refuses to stay at home for a variety of reasons.

Services provided to runaway youth may include case management, family mediation, resource referral information, educational support and advocacy.  If you are a runaway or you are a person who would like to help a runaway please call (866)343-8808 for assistance.

For further information about the Wayne County Runaway Program please contact Kathy McGonigal, Deputy Director for Youth at 946-5624.

Kinship Care

Kinship care refers to grandparents, other relatives, and even family friends who are caring for children.  While some relatives are foster parents, most kinship caregivers are not  and privately provide full time care for children.

For all kinship families in New York State, the Kinship Navigator provides information, referrals, and assistance via its website and toll free telephone line (877-454-6463 or  The Kinship Navigator provides information on a wide range of kinship topics, including:

National, State, and Local Resources and Services for Kinship Families

Federal and State Laws about Kinship Care

Financial Assistance Grants for Kinship Families

The Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program (KinGAP) is designed for a foster child to achieve a permanent placement with a relative who had been the child’s foster parent for at least six months.   This program provides financial support and in most cases medical coverage for the child, beginning with the child’s discharge from foster care to the guardian.  The level of financial support is similar to the maintenance payments received while the child was in foster care.

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