Why Should I Care?

I don't use drugs! Why should i care? Because

Response from Members of Our Community

We need to help all members of our communityWe need to support and keep our
community safe
We Care
You may be able to save a life 
of a perfect stranger
Someone you know may use opioidsOverdose are accidental and addiction is a
disease. Just because someone is sick, 
doesn't mean they should die.
Big picture of saving livesHarm reductionIts an addiction 
that individual needs help
I watched drugs and alcohol destroy 
my family and my childhood
Drugs are bad, okay!I'm in control of me
It is a parasite that feeds on every single 
aspect of our communities and society
It effects individual, families, communities, 
and society as a whole
People are dying and they don't have to
I care!As created in God's image;
damages His work
Have seen and heard too many 
negative fatal impact from drug
Empathy and compassion for other humansFor the health and wellbeing 
of our communities
To create a future that is drug-free
Someone's loved one doesOur job is to keep lives safeMy family depends on the future. Their safety 
it's the community I grew up in
Someone you know and love does use drugsWe are losing young people 
due to this disease
I care about my community
Everyone deserves someone 
to care about them
It takes a team approach 
to make a positive change
To keep communities safe
It's the right thing to doOverdoses HappenI may have a family member 
or a friend that does
I want to help my community be saferDeath affects everybody or communityOverdose can be prevented
Addiction doesn't have to be a death sentenceI want my community to be healthyI want my kids to be safe
I know the pain of losing someone to addictionPeople are dying while family sufferingAdverse aspect on the community
Financial impact on the communityThey have detrimental effects on 
job performance
You can have the ability to 
save someone's life
Anyone can overdoseYou don't need to take drugs to overdose
 (Touching something, taking something laced)
They can lead to dependency and addiction, 
negatively impacting relationship and family
They can be costly, and has financial 
strain and difficulties
While growing up, encouraged to be positively active and involved (No time for risk)They can lead to dependency and addiction, 
negatively impacting relationship and family

Because drugs use affect everyone

Opioids, Overdose, and Addiction. Impact Entire Communities.