Compliance Committee


  • Edward Hunt Jr, Wayne County Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee Chair
  • Collyn Algier, Compliance Officer, Wayne County Nursing Home
  • Keith Benjamin, County Coroner, Wayne County Coroner's Office
  • Lynn Chatfield Supervisor, Town of Wolcott
  • Daniel Connor, County Attorney
  • Diane Devlin, Director, Wayne County Public Health
  • James Haitz, Director, Wayne County Behavioral Health
  • Amy Haskins, Director, Wayne County Aging and Youth
  • Richard House, Wayne County Administrator
  • Chris Kalinski, Director, Wayne County Human Resources
  • Kevin Rooney, Highway Superintendent, Wayne County Public Works
  • Kristen Scott, County Auditor
  • Jeffrey Stalker, Director, Wayne County Nursing Home
  • Yolanda Supersad, Staff Development Coordinator, Wayne County Department of Social Services
  • Matt Ury, Director, Wayne County Information Technology
  • Lisa Graf, Director, Wayne County Department of Social Services