Affordable Housing Landlord Workshops & Housing Panel Event

Wayne County Economic Development and Planning will host a series of four Landlord Training & Legal Clinic workshops for local landlords who provide rental housing for County residents. Workshops will be online only and access to the workshops will be by registration. 


Offered on four Tuesdays in September, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., starting September 7th, ending September 28th. Workshops led by Jaime Cain, Esq.


Join in the discussion on Tuesday, October 5th at the Newark Kountry Klub from 5pm - 7pm. Local landlords and housing providers are encouraged to attend. Please use Registration Form here to register for this event. 


Each session will be recorded and made available here as a Zoom link for each week. Related Documents are provided on this page sidebar, labeled Landlord Workshop Documents. These documents are provided courtesy of Ms. Cain for review and education. Please do NOT reproduce or modify these documents without written permission from Ms. Cain. 

Session 1 (9/7/2021) HSTPA: Part 1 – Establishing Tenancy - Defining Affordability, Summary of HTSPA law changes especially management related items like Screening Applicants, Security Deposits, Housing Inspections, Code Compliance, Maintenance Records, Lease Basics, Lead Notice, Fair Housing, and other required Notices; overview on Fair Housing Laws including discussions of topics such as source of income discrimination, emotional support animals and occupancy restrictions.(Link to YouTube Planning Channel - Week 1 Video)

Session 2 (9/14/2021) HSTPA: Part 2 – Managing Tenants – Proper Tenant Notices and Paperwork, Timing, Maintenance complaints, Documentation, Warrants, Move-Out inspections and Security Deposits, Fair housing as it pertains to Criminal Status, disparate impact treatment analysis under President Biden, Criminal activity or Victims of Domestic Violence (VAWA protections). (COMING SOON: Link to YouTube Planning Channel - Week 2 Video)

Session 3 (9/21/2021) Post-COVID Tenant Relationships – Rent collection, ERAP protocols,  Damages or Rents not paid by ERAP, Lease Renewals, Overview of the current operations of  the courts and what to expect in both eviction, small claims and supreme court.

Session 4 (9/28/2021) Protecting Real Estate – Buying and selling with or without tenant occupied, Business models (LLC vs DBA vs Corp), Mixed-use development and other zoning or code issues. Structuring the deal, purchasing the real estate v. purchasing or creating a new LLC and the potential benefits of a membership purchase interest agreement, Use of 1031 exchanges.

Housing Panel Discussion (10/5/2021) Panelists include a sitting judge and lawyer, a housing developer and landlord, non-profit housing providers, and county government representative. 

Fair Housing

Notice is hereby given that Wayne County is committed to prohibiting discrimination based upon race, color, religion, marital status, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin in the sale, lease or rental, advertising, and financing of housing. 

Persons who feel they have been discriminated against in the provision of housing should contact:

To File a Complaint