The Wayne County Highway Department currently plans to complete the following projects during the 2021 construction season.  These projects are subject to change depending on funding or based on emergency work that may require staff resources in other locations.

Planned Projects

  • Wolcott Road reconstruction – NY Route 414 to end of 30mph zone – Rose
  • County House Road realignment – NY Route 31 to Old Lyon Rd – Arcadia
  • Ridge Road reconstruction – Wayne Elementary School to Furnace Rd –Ontario
  • Travell Knapps Road recycle/resurfacing – Gannett Rd to Lakes Corners Rd –Galen
  • Kenyon Road recycle/resurfacing – Stoney Lonesome Rd to Salmon Ck Rd -Williamson
  • Woods Road recycle/resurfacing – Salmon Ck Rd to Tuckahoe Rd -Williamson
  • Stoney Lonesome Road – culverts/resurfacing –Kenyon Rd to Lake Rd – Williamson
  • Lincoln Road culverts – Atlantic Rd to Ridge Rd – Walworth/Ontario
  • Atlantic Avenue culvert replacements – Walworth
  • North Geneva Road culverts/resurfacing – Ridge Rd to Lake Rd – Sodus
  • Red Creek Road culvert replacements – Wolcott
  • Arcadia-Zurich Road culvert replacement – Arcadia
  • Ridge Chapel culvert replacement – Marion
  • Plank Road culvert replacement – Walworth
  • Lake Bluff Road culvert replacement – Huron
  • Broadway Road culvert replacement – Wolcott
  • Alloway Road culvert replacement – Lyons
  • Railroad Avenue drainage improvements – Williamson
  • Wilson Road RR crossing repairs – Huron
  • Mud Mills Road Bridge rehabilitation – Arcadia
  • Surface Treating (oil and stone): Magog Rd, Plank Rd, Macedon Center Rd, Knickerbocker Rd, Dean Rd, Ridge Rd (Wlmsn), Hadden Rd, Wadsworth Rd, Wilson Rd, Fifth Rd, Lake Bluff Rd, Alloway Rd, Westbury Rd, Lock Berlin Rd, Pilgrimport Rd, Daboll Rd and Van Dyne Spoor