What We Do

The Wayne County Emergency Management Office (EMO) coordinates emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery services to the residents of Wayne County with the appropriate Wayne County agencies and external partners. This typically occurs in our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and efforts are guided by the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), which is reviewed annually. Through outreach, our office encourages residents to become more resilient to ensure they are prepared for emergencies. We also manage the public alert and warning systems for Wayne County, namely Wayne County Alerts to ensure residents are informed during an emergency. You can register for these alerts online.

Provide Emergency Management Leadership

Provide vision, direction, and subject matter expertise in the field of emergency management to heighten our state of emergency readiness. We provide proactive leadership in facilitating and coordinating a county-wide approach to emergency management.

Facilitate Emergency Partnerships

Serve as the liaison to county, regional, state, federal, volunteer, and private partners in order to prepare for, effectively respond to and quickly recover from emergency events.

Enhance Emergency Response Coordination

Coordinate and implement a wide range of activities to ensure an adequate and timely response to significant emergency events. In the event of a major emergency, EMO activates and manages the county's Emergency Operations Center (EOC). When activated, the EOC becomes the coordination point from which all emergency planning, resource management, and continuity of operations activities are accomplished.

Provide Emergency Planning

Developed and maintains the county's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and related annexes. EMO provides inclusive emergency management planning coordination for all population segments in the county and supports emergency planning initiatives with other jurisdictions.

Conduct Emergency Training & Exercises

Help coordinate emergency training, simulations, and exercises necessary to prepare first responders, county agencies, and partners to carry out their identified roles and responsibilities outlined in the county CEMP. EMO is responsible for the design, development, and the facilitation of training and exercises to test emergency plans and procedures.

Facilitate Public Education & Community Outreach Programs

EMO coordinates and conducts public emergency management outreach and educational programs to increase awareness of emergency preparedness. EMO promotes preparedness initiatives to improve family emergency planning; business continuity of operations; and disaster resistance and recovery.

Manage Homeland Security Grants

Oversee management of the county's Department of Homeland Security and state grant programs. In addition, EMO is the lead agency for county management of FEMA Public Assistance reimbursements, Statewide Mutual Aid (SMA) requests and Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) requests.

Recovery Coordination

Serves as the County coordination point for federal disaster relief and recovery programs. Following a declared emergency, EMO provides leadership in the recovery of County disaster expenses, promotes Individual Assistance Programs, and assists FEMA recovery teams. EMO works with County agencies to promote disaster-resistant mitigation programs such as flood plain management, dam safety, and debris management.

Manage Emergency Alert & Notification Systems

In conjunction with 911 and the Sheriff's Office, EMO notifies emergency responders, county employees, private partners, and residents in the event of an emergency that may affect public safety. Online registration for Wayne County Alerts allows residents to choose what type of alerts they would like to receive (weather, traffic, and/or emergency alerts) and how they would like to receive them (email, text, or voicemail) making Wayne County Alerts an accessible alerting system for the whole community.