Asthma Nurse Home Visiting Program


Children with Asthma will be able to:

  • Attend school everyday
  • Fully participate in athletics and walk to school
  • Receive reliever medication at school/daycare/as needed
  • Have an Asthma Action Plan at home and school so both groups will be following the same plan, the one their doctor/NP/specialist and family have developed.
  • Know their asthma triggers, take medication as prescribed so their asthma is in control and they do not need to go to the emergency room or need to stay in the hospital.

How It Will Help

A nurse will:

  • Call their parents and discuss their child's asthma problems and decide follow up
  • Talk with the School Nurse to find out how they are doing in school
  • Talk with their doctor/NP/specialist and find out what medicines they are taking
  • Make a home visit to help the child and their parents learn more about asthma. Help parents decide what triggers their child's asthma in their home/how to make changes
  • Provide every child with a spacer and peak flow meter, for home and school
  • Provide every child with a mattress and pillow encasing
  • Provide follow up a minimum of 6 months

Refer any child between the ages of 2 and 18 years living within Wayne County who is having problems with their asthma.

General Guidelines for Referral

  • Is over using Reliever medication and or lacks understanding of asthma
  • Cannot run or play sports like other children their age.
  • Has had to go to the doctor or emergency room for an asthma episode.
  • Has had to stay in the hospital for their asthma
  • Has had excessive absences from school due to asthma.

For more information contact Veronica Lafave-Boughton RN, at Wayne County Public Health Services, at 315-946-5749