WCIDA Projects

The Wayne County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) works with local businesses to assist with development projects that enable companies to expand services and enhance productivity. The following is a comprehensive list of active projects which shows the breadth, scope and diversity of companies we work with. These active projects may have originated 10 to 20 years ago.

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2022 Projects

2021 Projects

2020 Projects

2018 Projects

Hollygrove Solar

Intergrow East

Maxpro / Optimax

Optipro / Brightside

Parkwood Heights

2016 Projects

Altra Rental

L&P Property / Lessord Chrysler

McAlpin Industries

Newchem Inc

2015 Projects

1000 Silver Hill 

Murphy 2

2014 Projects

Advanced Atomization Tech

DNT Express

Ranger Design

Upstate Refractory Service

Walworth Plaza LLC

2013 Projects

Palmyra Properties

Wayne County Dialysis

2012 Projects

AEY Development LLC

Murphy / Dau (KTK Company)

NMM Properties

Northern Development Wind

2011 Projects

Empire Fruit Growers

KM Davies

Lyons Logistics

Pomona Packing LLC

2010 Projects

Kairos LLC / Ankom

Midland Asphalt Materials

2009 Projects

Legendary Auto

Marshall Farms Group

2006 Projects

Garlock Sealing Tech

Northern Development Biodiesel

2005 Projects

Palmyra Inn Investments

1999 Projects

Northern Development Harbec / Capstone