Small Business Kick Start


There are a variety of programs available to Wayne County residents and Wayne County businesses who are in the early planning or start up stages of their business endeavor. The Kick Start initiative aims to foster entrepreneurship and new business start-ups in a variety ways. We celebrate entrepreneurs who are putting their talents and ideas to work for them.

KickStart Wayne County

Annual Pitch Competitions


This competition is open to all Wayne County students who will be in grade 9 through grade 12 throughout the 2023-2024 school year. Through the process of applying, students will learn the basics of developing a good business plan, performing relevant market research, and delivering a "pitch" speech to potential investors.

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This competition is open to all Wayne County residents who have a new business (less than three years old), a new business idea, or are in the concept stage of developing a business in Wayne County.   Winner 2022 Opens in new window

Hear what past winners have to say about the Pitch Competition: (click on photo to see video)

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Microburst Grant Program

This program was created to provide a grant funding for local small business startup projects.  It is an opportunity to give your new business a financial boost. Every application will be reviewed for completeness and sustainability by staff and a review committee. The reimbursable grant funding can range from $5,000 to $20,000. If additional funding is needed, loans can also be applied for. For more information please contact Ariel Camp at 315-946-5975 or through e-mail at

WEDC Microburst FAQs (PDF)
WEDC Microburst Grant Application (PDF)