Wayne County Bicentennial

Wayne County New York Bicentennial 1823-2023

A special Thank you to ALL our Sponsors who are supporting the Bicentennial projects and events.

youth rainbow

A Rainbow of Encouragement over Sodus High School after the Youth Torch Relay.


Volunteer Recognition Lunch

October 29th at the Lyons Community Center. 

Thank you to the 100s of people who helped to support this year long celebration. We cannot express the depth of our gratitude for all the time, energy and efforts of so many. Wayne County is blessed to have such a talented and dedicated group of people who gave so much of themselves for the last three years to plan and execute over 20 community projects and events which are depicted in these pages. It has been a work of community spirit in celebrating and preserving our history. 

Click here for Video of Torch Relay

Click here for Video of Family Fun Day

Heritage Music Series

The Fiddlers of the Genesee - Marion, High School Auditorium

Sunday, October 22 - 2:00 p.m. The Fiddlers entertained the crowd with foot stomping, hand-clapping tunes. 


Songs of the Erie Canal  - Sodus, High School Auditorium

Saturday, October 14 -  2:00 p.m. The Remarkable, Irresistible Erie Music and Story Telling at Sodus High School Performing Arts Theater - (FREE Admission)Erie

Family Fun Day at the Fair

This event was full of performers and exhibitors. 

Countywide Torch Relay (Aug 14-18)

This weeklong, Countywide event hosted 168 runners and walkers, each going one mile or more around the county to help carry the Torch of history past over 200 historic sites. Click here for more details.

Jeff WashburnP8140046


Youth Torch Relay 

Completed on THURSDAY, AUGUST 17 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

 The Youth Torch Relay is a FREE one night event at the Sodus High School track. This will give young runners, ages 5 and up, a chance to "run into history" in conjunction with the larger, countywide Torch Relay taking place Aug 14-18. The Countywide runners will be bringing the Torch into Sodus that night, and will hand off the Torch of history to the next generation. 

For more information on YOUTH TORCH RELAY, click here.

Keels and Wheels HISTORIC Car and Boat Show -July 22

Beginning in the late 19th century, the world's fascination with cars and boats hasimage001 exponentially grown into a culture of its own. This love of auto and hull has allowed for a wide and ever-expanding variety of "keels and wheels" to be produced.


In honor of the county's bicentennial, a one-time car and boat show featured one car and one boat from every decade beginning in 1903 to the present 2023, as best as they could be found and transported to Sodus Bay Yacht Club for the July 22nd event. The Event was held at the Sodus Bay Yacht Club and is also sponsored in part by Sodus Point Summerfest and the Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Association. Thank you Sodus Point for hosting our event. 


Kimball-Canning Music

Our first event on June 15th was a great joy of sound and storytelling. Professor Jim Kimball and colleague Karen Canning entertained the crowd of 113 people at the Ohmann Theatre beginning with the "jaw" harp and following with fiddle, banjo, cello and piano in an array of old time dance tunes and calls to include a lot of local storytelling. 


The Bicentennial Gala

On May 13th, Bicentennial Gala hosted 500 guests and ONE General "Mad" Anthony Wayne at the magnificent Ballroom at Carey Lake.

tables fullGeneral Wayne


Wayne County Bicentennial Ceremony & Celebration

Court house April 2023On Tuesday, April 11, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. more than 300 residents, visitors and state representatives gathered in Central Park, Lyons, New York for the ceremony and celebration of the County's 200th founding anniversary. The ceremony took place in front of a ceremonially bedecked Old Courthouse on Church St. accompanied by performances from Red Creek High Jazz Ensemble and Clyde-Savannah Choir. Many Prayers, proclamations and congratulations were bestowed on the County as a whole, citing the ancestral lineage of hard working Americans and immigrant, culminating in the unveiling and dedication of the Pomeroy Marker that now stands in the front lawn of the Courthouse, which is now used as an administrative building for Wayne County Government. 


Wayne County is named after Brigadier General Anthony Wayne, an important General during the Revolutionary War. Because of Wayne’s aggressive style of fighting, he was sometimes referred to as “Mad” Anthony Wayne. There are now 15 counties across the U.S. named after General Wayne. 

Established April 11, 1823 from Ontario and Seneca Counties,  Wayne County was officially acknowledged by New York State Legislature but only included 8 original towns. Now, almost 200 years later, our county has begun to celebrate this auspicious occasion of history, maturity, and heritage. 

Take a minute to browse the many links provided here for upcoming events and keep sakes created for this milestone, such as the Bicentennial Calendar, Memory Book, Activity Book, Town Info Cards, Bicentennial Float, Bicentennial Minutes, and so much more. 

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