Getting Started

Welcome to the Wayne County Treasurer's Office Real Property Tax website. We have available to you the last 10 years of Real Property Tax information for Wayne County. This includes both town and county.

To find the information you are looking for, we have devised a Search Page that allows you to look for information based on a combination of seven pieces of data that you enter in the fields on the Search Page.

The seven fields are described as such.

The (1) Property Owner's First Name and (2) Last Name can be the names of the person(s), group or company that owns or pays the real property tax bill for the property. In effect, the person who lives at the property location may not necessarily be the person who pays the tax bill each year.

The (3) Property Location is the location of the property. Currently, the property location is the name of the street, avenue or road where the property is located without the lot or house number. For example if you are looking for information about the house on 123 Acme Street, you would type Acme Street in the Property Location field then select the town or village where the property is located.

The (4) Tax Year list allows you to choose the specific year in which you want to look for a particular property or parcel. Specifying the tax year when doing a search will help narrow the possible matches for the search criteria you enter in the search page.

The (5) Town/Village list displays all the towns and villages within Wayne County. In addition to the Town or Village Name, we have also listed the corresponding Town or Village Code in parenthesis. In the event you know what the Town or Village Code is but are unsure of the name, the Town or Village can still be located in the list.

The (6) Property Tax Id is the identification number that is assigned to the parcel of land by the Town Assessor. In the event the parcel of land is split or divided, a new Property Tax Id is assigned to the parcel of land that was split from the original parcel. Beginning in 2002, new Property Tax Ids will be assigned to all parcels of land. For your convenience, you are able to search on either the old or new Property Tax Id (if it has been assigned).

Note: Depending on what time of the year the parcel is split, it may not show in our Real Property Tax database until the following year when property taxes are billed to the owner. For more information or, if you have questions regarding your new property, please call your Town Assessor or the Wayne County Treasurer's Office.

The (7) Bill Number is the bill or invoice number that appears on the Real Property Tax bill that is mailed to the Property Owner prior to the January due date. If you perform searches on the Bill Number, you must also select a Town or Village.

Now that you have an understanding of the type of information that can be entered and searched upon, it is time to talk about the different types of searches that can be performed; especially those that will yield the best results in the least amount of time.