Youth Services

Recruiting for Youth Advisory Board

Programs and Services

Our purpose is to serve the needs of Wayne County youth. The Department of Aging and Youth believes in encouraging a positive future for all young people. We establish and maintain collaborations with other youth-serving agencies to ensure that Wayne County provides the best services available. We advocate for legislation and funding for youth services in the county and for all of New York State.

The Youth bureau system embodies the definition of youth development as an ongoing process in which children and adolescents seek ways to meet their personal and social needs, building skills and competencies that allow them to be successful and function effectively in their daily lives. Youth development recognizes the potential which young people possess and builds upon their strengths.

Youth Department

  • Advances youth participation
  • Advocates for systems change and resources
  • Allocates resources
  • Assesses youth needs
  • Determines funding priorities
  • Develops local strategies
  • Monitors and evaluates
  • Plans and coordinates services
  • Promotes partnerships and networking
  • Promotes positive youth development