3/29/17 agenda

T. Arcadia

Parkison Waste Disposal & Hauling
operate waste disposal business, 2.03 acres total

T. Huron

Local Law No. 3 of 2017
zoning law revisions

T. Macedon

St. Patrick's Church Subdivision
subdivide parcel into 2 lots: Lot 1-61,752 sq.ft. with church and parking lots on N and W side, Lot 2-17,456 sq.ft. with house on east side of property, 1.91 acres tot.

Local Law for Commercial Solar Array Regulations
add Commercial Solar Array Regulations to code

V. Newark

Tom Wahl's
12' x 12' 8" building add. to S.west corner of building, part of 9.31 acre parcel

Newark Auto Brokers, Ioannis Babasidis
sell used autos using portions of 3 properties, 1.99 acres total

T. Ontario

Ames Site Plan
construction of single family home, .48 acres

The Corner Creek Estates
14 lot subdivision with 12 new single family homes, 63.13 acres total

Twin Rock Motel & Mini Storage
continue operation of motel and add 3 mini storage buildings, 2.84 acres total

T. Savannah

Savannah Elementary School (former)
rezone parcel from R1 to PUD for independent senior living, 3.86 acres

T. Walworth

Virginia Boas Subdivision
Subdivide 93 acre parcel into 2 lots: Lot 1 - 27 acres, Lot 2 - 66 acres