2/22/17 agenda

T. Galen

Frost Hill Farms and Kennels
- kennel/training for club use, 52.5 acres

T. Macedon

Andrew Stanton
- 0.275 acres to be conveyed, Total - 7.74 acres

Laker Development Group, LLC
- Community solar system on approx. 14.5 acres, 74.85 acres

Walmart Sign
- One additional building mounted sign, 21.80 acres

T. Ontario

Basement Technologies
- 50'x120' metal building for new business, existing motel bldg to be demolished, 1.72 acres

1683 Route 104/Keith VerPlank
- Phase 1, construct 12,000 sq. ft. bldg and additional mini storage units, 6.72 acres

Beh Industrial Park Section 8, Phase I
- 1,020 sq. ft extension of David Parkway including all necessary utilities, 24.5 acres

T. Williamson

Paul Winslow
- One 90'x52' mini storage building, 12.30 acres

T. Wolcott

Gregory Peck roof
- attach new roof to existing cottage roof to extend 4' wider than mobile home, 0.18 acres