12/13/17 agenda

T. Lyons

Local Laws No. 3 & 4 of 2017
- New zoning regulations for area of Town formerly comprised of Village, retain portions of Village codes, amend zoning map adding new zoning district with former Village land.

Wayne ARC Apartments
- 50 unit, multifamily building and associated infrastructure, 1.47 acres

V. Newark

Newark Hotels, Inc.
- replace portion of freestanding sign with internally lit, electronc display and message board, 2.77 acres

T. Ontario

D'Angelo 2 family
- Change home from single family to two family, 1.27 acres

Gregory Bell
- 2.5 ft setback relief on both sides of sign where 10 ft. required, 3.0 acres

T. Sodus

Furber Subdivision
- parcel off 2.9 acres to build home, 34.0 acres