• Mark H. Alquist , Commissioner
      • Joyce A. Krebbeks, Deputy
      • Marjorie M. Bridson , Commissioner
      • Kelley M. Borrelli, Deputy
      • 7376 State Route 31, Suite 1200
      • PO Box 636
      • Lyons, NY 14489
      • 315-946-7400
      • 315-946-7409 (Fax)
      • email: elections@co.wayne.ny.us
      • Office Hours 9 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday

The Board of Elections Office is located in the Public Safety Building.


Federal Primary 6/26/2018

Official Results Federal Primary  PF18 OFFICIAL WAYNE


Keeping Votes Confidential:

Your vote is protected through a system of mechanical and administrative safeguards. When a voting machine is opened, election officials have no way of knowing who voted for which candidate. The ballot stub number cannot be tracked, this number is not on the ballot itself.  By law, we have to account for every ballot assigned to an election district.  This makes it possible to keep an exact record of the number of votes cast on the machine.

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