• Mark H. Alquist , Commissioner
      • Joyce A. Krebbeks, Deputy
      • Marjorie M. Bridson , Commissioner
      • Kelley M. Borrelli, Deputy
      • 7376 State Route 31, Suite 1200
      • PO Box 636
      • Lyons, NY 14489
      • 315-946-7400
      • 315-946-7409 (Fax)
      • email: elections@co.wayne.ny.us
      • Office Hours 9 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday

The Board of Elections Office is located in the Public Safety Building.

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Wayne County District Map

Board of Election Foil Request Forms

2016 Election Chart


  NYS Primary General

Date of Election

Polls open

September 13, 2016

12 noon- 9pm

November 8, 2016

6am- 9pm

Last day to Postmark registration form

Or register in person if new voter

August 19 October 14

Last day Elections Office can receive

Change of Address Within Wayne County

August 24 October 19

NY State to certify ballot

Wayne County to certify ballot

August 8

August 9

October 3

October 4

Change of Party Enrollment due in Elections office 25 Days before General Election ---

October 14

No exceptions

Last date to postmark absentee application to the Elections Office

Absentee Application

September 6 November 1

Last date to postmark voted absentee ballot to return to the Elections Office


September 12 November 7


 General Election will be held November 8, 2016

GE16 Unofficial at 100%  ge16-unofficial-100

GE16-Official List-of-Nominations

Sample Ballots:

Town of Butler/Huron/Lyons/Ontario/Rose/Savannah/Walworth/Williamson/Wolcott Dists 1,3,4 click sheet-1












Absentee Application




    • 2016 Running for Office in Wayne County
    • Anyone wishing to run for an elected position should call our office.
      Independent petitions will only be available at the Election office
      due to conflicting second hand information. We would like to explain the process.
    • nbsp;
    • ATTENTION VOTERS:    New York State Board of Elections now has a special website for voters to check their voter registration and enrollment.    www.elections.ny.gov   then click on (Voter Look Up)
    • The qualifications are:
    • Registered or Pre-Registered (17 years old) Voter of Wayne County (male or female)
    • Has means of transportation
    • Attend an Election Inspector class, approximately 6 hours
    • If interested, please call or write:
    • Wayne County Board of Elections
    • 7376 State Route 31, Suite 1200
    • PO Box 636
    • Lyons, NY 14489
    • Phone: 315-946-7400
    • Joyce A. Krebbeks or Kelley M. Borrelli
    • Deputy Commissioners
    • CONTACT US: elections@co.wayne.ny.us
    • http://www.elections.ny.gov
    • Disclaimer