9/26/18 agenda

V. Clyde

James Kalinski
– Change from 3 unit w/owner occupied to 3 unit, not owner occupied, 0.23 acres

T. Huron

T. C. Enterprises
– Small commercial business running out of residence, 0.44 acres

Richard Reyn
– Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Company to use store front building as tasting room and to serve local NYS labeled beer, wine and spirits, 0.5 acres

V. Newark

Care Net of Wayne County
– 36 sq. ft. sign where 32 allowed, 0.58 acres

T. Ontario

Preston Landscape Services, Inc.
– Stormwater Mitigation facility, relocate driveway on 104, add driveway access on Ridge Road, 5.59 acres

Adam Houpt
-Outdoor facility for retail sale of lawn mowers & tractors (dealership), 11.23

Kevin Doser
– Storage and delivery of landscape material for wholesale customers, 40’x60′ pole barn, 1.52 acres

Hidden Woods Subdivision
– 2 lot subdivision for 2 single family homes, Lot 1 – 10.583 acres, Lot 2 – 10.003 acres, 20.59

MB Innovations
– Construct single family home and conduct seasonal mulch and landscape supply operations, 50.0 acres

Michael Derks
– 2 lot subdivision, Lot R-2A – 2.0 acres, Lot R-2B – 2.789 acres, 5.26 acres

Matthew Nowak
– Construct detached garage nearer to front property line than front of main building, 6.27 acres

V. Sodus Point

McCready B&B
– Convert home back to B&B, 0.63 acres

T. Williamson

Mark Bernard
– Farm Winery with Tasting, 45.73 acres

Richard Haywood
– 40’x100′ pole barn on flag shaped lot, forward and closer to road than allowed, 5.81 acres

Paul Winslow
– Erect 4th Townhouse, 12.30 acres

T. Wolcott

Pott Pet Boarding Facility
– construct new building to have pet boarding business, 11.81 acres

Morgan garage/dwelling
– construct private vehicle garage with dwelling above, 0.48 acres

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