3/27/19 agenda

T. Macedon

Abundant Solar Power
– 4 mw AC photovoltaic array, 19.71 acres

Delaware River Solar Project
– Community Solar array on 38.10 acres, 108.8 acres

T. Marion

Comprehensive Plan
– Town of Marion Comprehensive Plan

V. Newark

Thad Shepherd / Robert Straubing
– 11,050 sq. ft. addition to east side of existing building, 23.21 acres

T. Ontario

Cleveland Site Plan
– Subdivide 2.193 acres to construct single family home, 8.8 acres

Dean Parkway Trucking Company
– 3,200 sq. ft. mixed use building for truck repair and office, 1.3 acres

Arbor Road Pond Excavation
– Expand existing recreational pond, 35.44 acres

Keymel Fruit Farm
– Construct 960 sq. ft. bldg for migrant housing on farm, land to remain ag, 46.99 acres

Hebert Subdivision
– 2 lot subdivision, Lot 16 – 1.178 acres, Lot 17 – 20.885 acres, 4,320 sq. ft. bldg for Hebert Hitting School, 22.90 acres

Summer Lake Sub. Section 7
– 12 lot subdivision for single family homes, 15.01 acres

Family Health NP Immediate Care, PLLC
– Operate an Urgent Care Facility, 2.08 acres

Daniel Young
– construct 2400 sq. ft. bldg for kennel, 2.69 acres

VerSchage Ventures, LLC
– Construct 55’x30′ multi-family dwelling, 0.25 acres

T. Rose

Donna Davenport
– Combine 2 parcels then split into two 3 acre parcels, creating non-conforming parcels (will not have 400 ft. frontage), pre-existing, non-conforming kennel (less than 5 acres), 6.34 acres

Michael King
– 32’x44′ Pole barn on pre-existing, non-conforming lot, would not meet rear and side setbacks, 0.87 acres

T. Williamson

Wilbert’s U-Pull It
– Relocate vehicle staging area to unfused portion of land to separate from customer parking, 36.88 acres

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