Sponsored by the Wayne County Planning Department under the direction of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors

How can Wayne County residents enhance their lives and capitalize on the many outstanding features of their County, which include beautiful countryside, a disciplined workforce, a bounty of home-grown produce, an excellent County Road system, and a long shoreline along one of the world’s largest lakes? The Wayne County Planning Department wants to encourage interested citizens to help write a new County comprehensive plan. The land use plan will help guide elected officials and County employees over the next ten years.

All interested citizens were invited and encouraged to participate.
Your participation is crucial to the success of this project!

What is a master plan?

A MASTER PLAN IS A BLUEPRINT FOR THE COUNTY’S FUTURE. It provides citizens, developers, planners, and community leaders with a document that clearly communicates the public’s interests and expectations. A master plan provides some technical assistance to rural municipalities that do not currently have updated land use plans and ordinances. Towns and villages that already have updated master plans will also benefit: the County master plan will include tools for promoting quality neighborhoods and lifestyles. It will also provide for orderly improvement of County resources, such as roads and bridges and parks. The needs of the residents and employees of the County, including youth and senior citizens, will form the basis for the plan. Topics will include economic development, including agricultural development, housing, tourism, education, recreation, and the protection of natural resources.

The County’s goals are to promote economic growth that enhances rather than diminishes property values, to promote aesthetically pleasing development, and to preserve and enhance the historic, cultural, and environmental resources of the County. The plan will help the County secure more grant money from the State and Federal government, and will help citizens communicate their goals and priorities with respect to water, sewer, and transportation improvements.

How can citizens participate in the planning?  Consider joining a committee!

Practically every week for the next year, a citizen committee will meet to assess current conditions and to discuss goals, ideas, and implementation strategies. Committee meetings are open to anyone in Wayne County and surrounding municipalities, anytime. Attendance at previous meetings, although useful, is not required. No special skills are necessary to participate and, in fact, everyone’s participation is crucial to the success of the project.

The consultant has organized four committees comprised of interested citizens from all walks of life: The Natural Resources Committee will meet every first Monday evening of the month, the Social Resources Committee will meet every second Monday evening, the Economic Resources Committee will meet every fourth Thursday, and the Legal Resources Committee will meet the third Tuesday evenings, except for July and August. Please confirm meeting times (7 pm) and places, especially during the summer. Citizens may email Cynthia Hill, Wayne County Master Plan Consultant, at chill@co.wayne.ny.us or call (315) 946-5919.


Please join this important process! It is not too late! We invite you to register so that we may add you to our contact list. We are forming committees to consider economic, legal, social, and natural
resources, but you may also choose to meet privately with the consultant.




I am interested in the process and wish to join a committee:__________

I am interested in the process and wish to provide useful information
or opinions:_________

I am interested in knowing the time and location of future meetings:__________________


Sharon Lilla, Director

9 Pearl St.

Lyons, NY 14489

Or call: (315) 946-5919

Or email:masterplan@co.wayne.ny.us

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