As the municipal comprehensive plans in Wayne County have been updated, each of the towns have expanded the section related to agriculture.  Whereas the plans that were adopted in the 1970’s and 80’s often made a brief mention of farming, the updated plans generally devote several paragraphs or even full sections that describe the importance of agriculture to the Town.

American Farmland Trust ( ) has developed several publications for anyone interested in identifying which municipal planning tools may be appropriate for their area.  One publication that is tailored to New York municipal law is called Planning for Agriculture in New York (Link here).

In addition Cornell Community and Regional Development Institute (CARDI), American Farmland Trust and LeadNY have developed a Local Agriculture and Land Use Leadership Institute that offers training opportunities to local policy makers who have an interest in securing the future of agriculture in their towns.

They have also recently sponsored a seminar called “Harvesting Opportunities in New York”

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