Economic Resources Committee, Wayne County Master Plan

NEXT MEETING: June 26, 7 PM, Old Lyons Courthouse

The meeting was held from 7:15 to 8:45 pm at the Wayne County Planning Department Offices in Lyons. The following people attended the meeting: Antje Dirksen-Post, Sodus Center; Cynthia Hill, Master Plan Consultant; BJ Meeks, Newark; Jim Switzer, Ontario; Bert Everhart, Butler; Ange DeJohn, Newark; and Ken DiSanto, Clyde.

The committee approved the March minutes with minor changes and with one substantive addition: Goals discussed included the promotion of the significance of underutilized rail lines in Wayne County.

The committee approved the April minutes after recording the attendance of Ken DiSanto of Clyde.

Dirksen-Post submitted maps of Wayne County gas wells and Wayne County mines.

Members decided to continue meeting throughout the summer even though attendance may decline.

DiSanto requested that Hill send members proposed goals and policies to preview before each meeting. Hill responded that at the April meeting all attendees received a packet of ideas (mostly from citizens) and also a list of policies from currently-adopted Wayne County publications. Hill has requested that members think about each policy and record whether they agree, strongly agree, disagree, or strongly disagree. This work will form the basis for discussion at future meetings and for a County-wide survey. Hill will provide packets and agendas in advance of each meeting as requested.

Hill reported that she met with Jim Homburger (an interested citizen who cannot make meetings) and she shared some of his concerns and ideas regarding industrial development with the group. Anyone who wants to participate in the master plan process but who cannot come to night meetings may meet with Cynthia at their convenience.

Homburger’s concerns include the impact of the new State building codes, which require sprinklers for large steel structures. This regulation could prevent agriculturally-related industrial development in the eastern part of the County.

In response to another of Homburger’s concerns, the committee decided that the master plan should address the need for bigger trucks and also for privacy in residential areas. Some roads may need different weight and length limits.

The committee adopted the following goal: Where possible, provide zoning that allows modernization of industrially-zoned land to meet current industrial needs for daycare, shopping, water, sewer, has, restaurants, and mixed use, where such modernization is compatible with the community character.

The committee discussed the following goals, which Hill will edit and put on the agenda for next meeting:

Prohibit major development in rural areas until core areas develop. As areas develop, keep a sense of community and maintain compatibility with existing uses. Avoid sprawl.

Encourage municipalities to adopt zoning that allows for commercial and office development in concentrated locations near residential and/or industrial areas.

The master plan should be a loose-leaf notebook so it may be updated every 5 years. Dirksen-Post said that Wayne County needs a college. Switzer explained that the County supports the Finger Lakes Community College.

The committee agreed that while their numbers were small, all geographic areas of the County were represented, and there were people from various sectors of the economy.

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia M. Hill

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