Social Resources Committee, Wayne County Master Plan
NEXT MEETING: April 14, 2003, 7 PM, Old Lyons Courthouse

The meeting was held from 7 to 8:30 pm at the old Lyons Courthouse. The following people attended the meeting, which was facilitated by Cynthia Hill, Master Plan Consultant: Carol Bailey, Lyons; Tom Chappell, Arcadia; Ange DeJohn, Newark; Mike DeJohn, Newark; Annette Harris, Lyons; John Harris, Lyons; Anne Hoyt, Lyons; Rick Hoyt, Lyons; Karen Kehoe, Newark; Terry Krause, Wolcott; B.J. Meeks, Arcadia; Penny Shockley, Lyons (native of Sodus Point); Sue Yara, Walworth; Dave Sloane, Arcadia.

People attending the meeting authorized the distribution of their contact information, even on the World Wide Web, with the caveat that only initials and last names be published on the World Wide Web.

The committee will generally meet the 2nd Monday of the month at 7 pm at the old Lyons Courthouse. The next meeting was scheduled. BJ Meeks volunteered to convene the meetings, which includes calling people before meetings to encourage them to attend. Carol Bailey will take minutes, but Cynthia Hill will type and distribute them.

The consultant highlighted other existing planning documents for Wayne County’s development, including a master plan from 1967 for the towns of Butler, Huron, Rose, and Wolcott, and the Villages of Wolcott and Red Creek. She also presented some examples of planning documents, newsletters, and books.

The consultant suggested a link between an aesthetically pleasing environment and mental health. Rick Hoyt said that the Search Institute had published research that shows 40 ways in which land can be developed to ensure that an environment meets social needs of the community. Please see on the internet:

John Harris wants to see the committee take action and not just talk. Cynthia Hill proposed that the committee might consider fostering the development of a model community. In addition, the committee will discuss goals for enhancing social resources at its next meeting. The Planning Department will present the goals to the Board of Supervisors.

Goals paraphrased during the meeting include the following:

Revitalize towns. Preserve and restore Perkins Memorial Park. Preserve the rural character of the County. Reduce stresses that make so many adults unable to function adequately in our society. Develop the County. Promote the history of the County. Preserve our heritage and the historic places, landmarks and buildings, including churches. Preserve what we have no matter what the cost because our future is vested in our past. Support our senior citizens who need community housing close to shopping and recreational areas. Give kids more opportunities for recreation.
Keep the County natural. Create parks and trails. Promote the equine industry.

Hill emphasized that some issues are local and that a County Master Plan must address issues that transcend municipal boundaries, such as infrastructure improvements, the protection of historic resources that are of County, State, or national importance, improvement of parks, etc. The County has some power because of its appropriations but, in general, interested citizens will promote the strategies and goals and policies of the County Master Plan within their respective municipalities. That is why citizen participation is so crucial.

Hill asked for volunteers to assemble the inventory of natural resources. Rick Hoyt will supply a list of social and public services. Matt Cook of Lyons Elementary was suggested as a good resource.
B.J. Meeks will submit to the committee maps and information that NYDEC provides to hunters and fishermen. The group decided to collect information individually for their own towns, focusing on the following subjects for the April meeting: Meeting places, churches, schools, town centers/hamlets, and civic/governmental institutions. People will bring the information they have to the next meeting. [If you give the information to Cynthia Hill early she will try to put it in a form that would encourage discussion and review by everyone].

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