Economic Resources Committee, Wayne County Master Plan
NEXT MEETING: March 20TH, 2003, 7 PM, Newark Cooperative Extension

The meeting was held from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Wayne County Cooperative Extension Building in Newark. The following people attended the meeting, which was facilitated by Cynthia Hill, Master
Plan Consultant: Dom Bartucca, Newark; Lydia Birr, Empire Zone Coordinator working in Lyons; Richard Cirulli, Newark; Elsie Dedrick, Newark; Mike and Ange DeJohn, Newark; Antje Dirksen, Sodus Center; Ken DiSanto, Clyde; Bert Everhart, Butler; Barbara Harper, Director of Wayne County Economic Development Corp. in Lyons; Betty Hill, Sodus; Barbara Meeks, Newark; Bruce Nielsen, Arcadia; Ora Rothfuss, North Rose; and Jim Switzer, Ontario.

People attending the meeting authorized the distribution of their contact information, even on the web.

The committee will generally meet the 4th Thursday of the month. The next meeting was scheduled. [Subsequently, the consultant had to reschedule the March meeting for Thursday, March
20th, 7 pm, at Newark Cooperative Extension, which is the 3rd Thursday. Please rsvp.]

Antje Dirksen volunteered to convene the meetings, which includes calling people before meetings to encourage them to attend.

The consultant distributed copies of the goals and strategies of the Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council’s Regional Overall Economic Development Program. The committee will
discuss goals for enhancing economic resources at its next meeting.

The consultant highlighted other existing planning documents for Wayne County’s economic development, including a data book and a marketing plan published by the Wayne County Economic
Development Corporation; and a master plan from 1967 for the towns of Butler, Huron, Rose, and Wolcott, and the Villages of Wolcott and Red Creek.

Barbara Harper provided an overview of the Economic Development Corporation, formed 1968, and the Wayne County Industrial Development Agency. Harper offered the following suggestions:

Construct a road parallel to 104 in the town of Ontario connecting Dean Parkway with a northward extension of County Rd. 200. This feeder road would serve the BEH Industrial Park.

Construct a road in Macedon that would run east from County Road 206 (North Wayneport Road) to meet a northward extension of Wilson Road.

Improve infrastructure for the Clyde Industrial Development Agency.

Encourage independent power producers. There is one in Ontario. NYS needs more energy.

Create an inventory of telecommunications services.

Encourage executives of Wayne County firms to live in Wayne County. Encourage people who live here to work here too (half work outside the County, according to the 1990 census).

Use creative zoning that allows for the mixed use that industry wants.

Ideas from other committee members included the following:

Improve access between 590 in Monroe County and Rt. 104 in Wayne County for people who travel from 590 via Browncroft Road (Atlantic Avenue): ie., improve north-south access to 104 from
Atlantic Avenue.

Extend Atlantic Avenue eastward.

Take big parcels where you envision development and provide infrastructure such as roads.

Improve Wayne County’s workforce and promote its competitive attributes.

Encourage career development at the high school level.

Keep the old rail beds available for future use (example Sodus to Geneva).

Promote our unique agriculture as a tourist attraction (Buffalo farming, Community Supported Agriculture).

Create waterfront development along the north side of the Erie Canal in Newark, which could require realigning Westshore Boulevard. People should be able to dine alongside the canal [this suggestion submitted after the meeting].

Lydia Birr gave a report on the Empire Zone program.

Ora Rothfuss agreed to provide a report on agricultural planning at the next meeting.

The consultant solicited volunteers to help collect information regarding existing conditions in the County:

Barbara Harper has information on aquaculture/commercial fishing and on industry/industrial parks. Cynthia Hill will get information on roads from Jim Brady of the County Highway Department and information on sewer and water from the Sewer and Water Authority. Jim Switzer will provide information that he has on energy and telecommunications. Lydia Birr will also help with telecommunications. Information on agriculture and waste disposal is available at the County Planning office. Cynthia will contact George Miles of Ontario for information on manufactured homes and the Chambers of Commerce for information on retail/wholesale facilities. Barbara Meeks offered to research tourism. Antje Dirksen will bring map of medical facilities. Any maps of gravel pits and other mines would be appreciated.

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