Farmland Protection MapFarmland Protection (or purchase of development rights- or purchase of Conservation Easement ) is only one tool for preserving farmland. It is often said that the most efficient way to preserve farmland is to have profitable farm businesses. Undoubtedly this is true, but in areas with high development pressure, non-farm uses can outbid even the most profitable farm business. Farmland protection programs can help municipalities to retain their rural character while keeping the farmland affordable to the next generation of farmer. Several Towns in Wayne County have successfully applied to state and federal programs for protecting farms in addition to several in eastern Monroe County.

In Wayne County the most effective funding tool for Towns to preserve farmland with conservation easements has been the NYS Department of Agriculture  Markets Farmland Protection program.

In 2009 the NYS Department of Ag & Markets surveyed farmers that participated in the State Farmland Protection Program.

This is a copy of the presentation that is used to explain the basics of a farmland protection grant application and how an easement works.

A workbook to guide the decision making process.

A copy of the NYSDAM standard easement.

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