Fostering agriculture business and developing County ag policy

The Ag Development Board was originally named the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board. Besides being a cumbersome title, the Board felt the title implied that its primary goal was to purchase development rights. The new Board name, adopted in 2003, reflects our commitment to a creating positive climate for profitable and rewarding farm businesses.

Responsibilities include implementing and updating the County Ag and Farmland Protection Plan, assisting in the review of the County Agricultural districts, providing responses to Notice of Intent proceedings from NYSDAM.

  • Wayne County Agriculture Development Board Members
  • Adam Craft, Chairman, crop and beef farmer, Williamson (2017)
  • Art Crandon, Secretary, vegetable farmer, Lyons (2016)
  • Vaughn Gingerich, egg farm, Wolcott (2018)
  • Abram Johnson, permaculture farmer, Rose (2017)
  • Colleen Roof, member Land Trust, Arcadia (2016)
  • Frank Teeple, Fruit farmer, Huron (2017)
  • Karen Ambroz, Director, Real Property Tax Service, Walworth
  • Elizabeth Claypoole, Executive Director Cornell Cooperative Extension, Palmyra
  • Lindsey Gerstenslager, Soil & Water District, Lyons
  • Brian Manktelow, Town Supervisor, farmer, Lyons (2015)
  • Ora Rothfuss III, Ag Development Specialist, Planning, Rose

Members of the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board are appointed by the Wayne County Board of Supervisors to 4-year terms. Six of the positions are at-large positions and at least four are filled by farm business owners. There may be representation of a land trust on the Board. There are 5 statutory positions- Board of Supervisors, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Real Property Tax Service, Soil and Water Conservation District and Planning.

*(term ends 12-31 of the year listed)

NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets Guidance Documents

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