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    • Medicare 101: An introductory class for people who are new to Medicare or who may have had Medicare for a while, but never understood it.  We review what Medicare is, how someone gets Medicare, what the different options are for coverage under the Medicare program and where people can go for extra help either with costs or understanding coverage.
    • Living Healthy – This is a 6-week course proven to help you improve your overall well-being, make healthy lifestyle choices and reduce unnecessary doctor and hospital visits.  The next set of classes starts October 17th from 1:30-4:00 at the Newark Highrise Apartments 200 Miller Street in Newark.  Call 315-946-5624 to register or for more information.Licoln

      Programs and Services

      Our agency serves as the link between seniors and the agencies that serve them. Most programs/services are offered on a contribution basis. No service is denied because of inability or unwillingness to contribute. Some programs operate on a “cost share” basis, where the client pays a portion of the cost according to his/her income.

      Funding for these programs is provided by Wayne County, the New York State Office for the Aging, the Federal Older Americans Act, and private contributions.

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