A new Transitional Care Coordinator has been hired and will start September 26. The goal of this new position is to assess patient’s needs prior to their hospital discharge. The Transitional Care Coordinator will work with the hospital discharge planners and hospital care team to ensure that the patients are connected to appropriate services once they return home. Hospital readmissions, repeat ER visits and nursing home placements are much more likely if the senior does not have the necessary supports in place when they return home. The service may include follow up transportation to medical appointments, medical equipment, pharmacy assistance, insurance counseling, home delivered meals, personal emergency response units, Personal Care Aides (PCA) and other preventive services to maximize the patient’s
success of staying at home.

Expansion of available Personal Care Aides(PCA) vendors/hours:

We now have two additional PCA contracts in addition to Lifetime Care Home Health Agency that can provide aide service. Eligibility is based on the participant’s inability to perform certain household or daily living tasks and the need for additional support services to assist senior’s ability to live independently and safely at home. The two new vendors are:

Home Instead, Inc. is a Home Health Agency that provides their own trained PCA Level 1 staff to assist seniors by providing services, such as light cleaning, meal prep and laundry services.

Medical Solutions, Inc. is a consumer directed aide service program. What that means is that the senior requesting services is assessed by our agency. If the participant is eligible, the number of aide hours and care plan is assigned based on the client’s needs. The participant and/or their caregiver, can select, hire and train an individual of their choosing to provide the necessary services indicated in the care plan for
the assessed number of hours. The client/caregiver will need to sign off on the aides time sheet to confirm they have worked for the agreed upon number of hours and that the correct services were performed by the aide. Medical Solutions, Inc. acts as the fiscal intermediary and handles the payroll, benefits and administrative tasks for the client/aide.

With both programs, as well as with Lifetime Care PCA services, the participant receiving the service needs to be assessed first by our agency to determine eligibility and available service provision.

Caregiver Services. Our agency, in conjunction with Wayne ARC, applied and was awarded Balancing Incentive Caregiver Grant. We are contracting with Wayne ARC to provide respite hours for caregivers. A respite worker will be assigned to provide care for a client that cannot be safely left home alone, in order to allow the caregiver a break to perform errands or to just relax. Health Insurance Counseling. Aging and Youth is gearing up to provide health insurance counseling during the open enrollment period (October-December). We are expanding the hours of our part-time services assistant to better accommodate the number of senior’s requests for this assistance. We have heard that several insurance companies are increasing their rates and/or reducing their coverage. Make sure you make your appointments early. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis. 

Farmer Market Coupons- Our Nutrition Coordinator as well as our other frontline staff accomplished a heroic task by distributing 760 Farmer Market booklets to income eligible seniors in Wayne County. This was the first year we were able to provide both partners of a couple with a booklet if they were deemed eligible. It has been a busy summer and we predict a busier fall. Please let us know how we can help
address your needs. That is what we are here for!!

Penny Shockley, Director