The Council is a voluntary group of citizens, who provide information, guidance, advice and support to the Department of Aging to plan, coordinate and administer services to older persons. They also are a critical link between the Department of Aging and the local senior community.

Council members should reflect a genuine commitment to improving the lives of older persons through appropriate social change. The motivation and willingness to attend meetings, speak up and reflect the opinions of the senior public that they represent on the Council, assist in the development of a continuum of care for older individuals in our community is a vital role a member plays in the Senior Advisory Council.

The advisory council meets the second Wednesday of every other month at 2 p.m. The meeting usually consists of scheduled reports or program updates from the Department of Aging Staff, information sharing, public input and committee reports.

(as of December 31, 2016)

  • Pat Albrecht - Newark
  • Barb Campbell – North Rose
  • Marianne DeBellis - Clyde
  • Dorothy DeMay - Newark
  • Bob Hanson - Newark
  • Kim Lucianovich - Lyons
  • David Nussbaumer - Palmyra
  • Susan Nussbaumer - Palmyra
  • Mae Pitts - Williamson
  • Alice Reynolds - Walworth
  • Pam Taylor - Wolcott
  • Brian Manktelow - Lyons